Halls the Musical ( Development Production )

By Jennifer Harrison & George Stroud

Directed by Andy Fickman


Halls centres around eight, first-year, university students, from different backgrounds and upbringings, who are brought together when they're all allocated the same flat in Halls of Residence, Flat 15B. The show follows the characters over the course of the academic year, exploring the relationships they form, as they learn to live together whilst experiencing student life. Freshers week, exam stress, the cost of student living, and romance, are all key themes in this coming-of age-story. Laugh, and cry, as the flatmates find their feet in a world where their decisions are now entirely their own. The upbeat, contemporary, pop-rock soundtrack mirrors the sense of nostalgia that the show evokes.


What does development production mean?


The Turbine Theatre is a space for new work to tried out. A safe space where writers and creatives have the time and environment to play. This means that the creative team will be working on the material and fine-tuning it during its run. All production elements (sound / lighting / set / costume etc ) are there to give you an idea of what the show will be in a more realised scenario as opposed to it feeling ‘finished’. Most importantly, the way our audiences engage with the show will dictate how it develops so do come along and be a crucial part of this exciting journey as Halls evolves.

Cast Credits
Creative Credits

Director - Andy Fickman 

Costume / Set Designer - Rueben Speed

Lighting Designer - Alistair Lindsay 

Sound Designer - Richard Carter 

Costume Designer -